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Chinese dragon industry holding co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "dragon"), by the eleventh, twelfth session of National People's Congress, the national model workers, the national outstanding builder of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, the national federation of industry and commerce executive committee, the national guangcai advanced individual, Mr Li SAN yim in fujian longyan, founded in 1993, a large engineering machinery enterprises. 2005 at an annual rate of Chinese construction machinery industry of the first main board listing in Hong Kong (stock code: 03339). 2011 top the list of world's top 50 engineering machinery 23rd, the average return on assets, the world's third, operating profit margin growth in the fourth, the world's fifth increase sales. In 2012 despite the global financial crisis and the double test of domestic macroeconomic regulation and control, in in each development index remained steady.

Changzhou dragon work forklift truck sales co., LTD is a Chinese dragon holdings co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of, since listing dragon work forklift with its excellent quality and superior cost-effective quickly occupied the market, have sales network and product users across the country, the company existing medium and small tonnage forklift, the battery forklift trucks, diesel combustion of large tonnage forklift three assembly line, and the structure of coating line, balance weight coating line, spray parts chalk line, such as three coating lines, structures and components all adopt advanced efficient nc cutting machine, laser cutting machine, large CNC vertical machining center, nc pentahedron machining center, and other advanced processing equipment, welding robot is one of the most sophisticated enterprise equipment in the domestic and foreign counterparts. Company's existing internal combustion forklifts, electric storage

Dragon industrial forklift constantly strengthen the "quality, service, price" the "three advantages", build up the dragon work forklift marketing service network all over the country, and make sales, service work world "one hour", strengthen the construction of the store, gradually narrow coverage radius, improve the level of the whole machine sales and after-sales service, the dragon work forklift "should be" to jointly create a new situation. Dragon work forklift formulated in accordance with dragon industry board development outline of the "second venture" and "the" should be "development plan", "focus on focus on forklift, strive to become a leading enterprise in forklift truck industry at an early date, full implementation of" international orientation and leap-forward development "strategy, with all its strength" dragon industry brand "by the" China famous brand "jump to the" world famous brand "strategy.